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Connie Oppedal
Mark Blankespoor

Patricia Wright
Ann Short
Brenda Dedrickson

Annliese Janssen





Connie Oppedal, MS, CDMS, President

Connie has a Master's degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa and has over 13 years experience providing occupational health solutions. Under Connie's leadership, Occupational Health Solutions has provided a wide range of consulting services to both small business owners and large corporate customers. Her honest, straightforward approach has led to long-term relationships with nearly all of her clients.

Connie's ability to listen to your requirements allows Occupational Health Solutions to develop programs specifically suited to your individual needs. While many clients begin with a basic approach, nearly all end up utilizing a broad range of services provided by Occupational Health Solutions. The services designed by Connie, range from pre-injury protocol (we call it proactive health education) to post-injury intervention and medical and vocational follow-through. 

Connie consults with employers, insurance carriers, health care providers, and legal advisors in order to provide factual information that will enhance the goal of establishing a healthy injury free workplace.


Mark Blankespoor, P.T., M.S., Ergonomic Consultant

Mark performed his undergraduate work at Dordt College and completed a Masters in Physical Therapy from Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center. He serves as an Adjunct Instructor at Des Moines University and has been a faculty member of Iserhagen Work Systems.

In addition, Mark has served as a Medical Center Staff Physical Therapist, and was the Director of Rehabilitation Services for a regional health care facility. He has extensive hands-on experience working with manufacturing and industrial clients, and is well respected for his ability to analyze potential physical limitations that exist in the workplace.
Mark has specific expertise in the area of ergonomics and has provided innovative solutions for employers in such areas as: ergonomics analysis, jobsite modifications, and workplace functional job descriptions. In addition, he administers specialized work injury related consultation services and work hardening and rehabilitation programs.

Mark has been a speaker at numerous conferences and symposiums and is a recognized expert in Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders.


Patricia Wright, RN,  Medical Case Manager

Ms. Wright has with over 23 years experience in occupational health nursing and worker’s compensation.  She was employed by a large Fortune 500 Global Leader as a company nurse and HR Associate.  She performed safety audits throughout national company facilities, provided on-site care and management of workplace injuries and maintained cost effective practices while championing worker well being and safety. 

Prior to this she was employed by another national company as an HR associate and company nurse. She acquired a solid knowledge of employment laws and practices and grew keenly aware of OSHA requirements and regulations. She provided case management for emergent, catastrophic and routine care cases.    



Ann Short, RN, M.S., Medical Services Consultant/ Certified Health Instructor

Ann received her nursing diploma from Iowa Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing, Des Moines, Iowa. She earned a Bachelor of Health Arts degree from the University of St. Francis and a Masters in Health Education from Drake University. Ann is working on a second Masters degree in Rehabilitation Administration at Drake University in Des Moines.

Ann has extensive consulting experience and has consulted with employers, health care providers, and insurance carriers to determine the best methods to attain maximum medical recovery for an injured or ill person. She also has experience as a catastrophic injury and workers' compensation claims consultant. She has the skill and knowledge to promote healthy living and the ability to direct quality care.

Ann has twenty-eight years of hands-on experience as a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid instructor. That's a lot of compressions! She holds certifications from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the American Safety & Health Institute as an instructor. She has become an invaluable resource for many of our Occupational Health Solutions clients.


Brenda Dedrickson, A.A., Office Manager

Brenda heads the administrative functions of Occupational Health Solutions, including human resources, marketing development, program coordination and finances of the company. She has 8years experience in the field of worker's compensation administration. She presented a wide variety of training focusing on key health and safety issues. She is keenly aware of employer issues and has the ability to find cost containment avenues others never even think of. She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence. 

Brenda has been able to accurately identify training needs and to design programs to meet those needs. With an eye toward the end result, she has designed and organized outstanding programming. Her in-depth involvement with case management issues has prepared her to become a key member of our management staff. She effectively deals with and directs in the development of new training formats and programs. 


Anneliese Janssen, B.A., Job Placement Specialist

 Anneliese received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern  Iowa.

She has  joined our staff filling the role of Job Placement Specialist.

Her teaching skills have provided an excellent basis for her work with her

clients.  She is able to help them realize their true placement potential.  She

has excellent evaluation skills and is able to effectively match client ability

and employer needs.


Over four years of research skills have provided her with the ability to ferret

out jobs to meet the most difficult restrictive guidelines.  She has had over 3

years of customer service and sales experience that has lent itself well to her

work with employers, adjusters, and clients alike.