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Bioterrorism: Myth versus Reality



Length of program: 60 minutes


Course Description:

This program provides an introduction to the history and concept of bioterrorism for lay citizens and medical, emergency and law enforcement personnel.  It emphasizes the minimal risk to individuals and how they should think about and deal with the risk.  The program is intended for lay citizens or for professionals who will then advance to attend advanced programs specific to their fields.


Hospitals will be provided instruction on how to set up an AudioNet conference room or auditorium.  The room will need at least one telephone connection.


Intended Audience:  

  • Hospital staff  

  • Laboratory technologists

  • Community citizens

  • Emergency medical workers

  • Law enforcement officers


At the Conclusion of the program participants will be able to:  

  • Understand the history of bioterrorism and biowarfare.

  • Define biological warfare.

  • Give a description of various biothreat agents.

  • Understand the anthrax situation in Florida, New York & Washington DC.

  • Explain how our citizens must become part of the surveillance network.

  • Define what staff and citizens can do.


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