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Bioterrorism:  The Role of the Clinical Laboratory Professional




Length of program: 120 minutes


Course Description:


What is a biological agent? How can it be detected?  What would you do if a suspicious organism were detected in your laboratory?  The possibility of a Bioterrorism attack is being taken seriously by public health care professionals throughout the country.  This program has been designed to help your laboratory prepare for the identification of bio-agents involved in bioterrorism activities.  The speakers will address such issues as how to rule out the most likely agents or biological threat and well as how to confirm isolates.


Intended Audience


  • Laboratory Administrators  

  • Laboratory Staff


At the Conclusion of the program participants will be able to:


  • List critical biological agents suspected in terrorist attacks.

  • Describe how to use simple flow charts and common procedures to rule out biothreat agents.

  • Describe the means to rule out smallpox and ebola in herpes and other viral cultures.

  • Define safety issues with biothreat agents.


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