CMS 6 Patient's Rights Standards




Length of Program:             120 minutes


Course Description:  

This program will discuss the six new HCFA rights and regulations.  Including the federal regulations, HCFA formulated questions and answers,  and the final interpretative guidelines.  How these regulations apply to all hospitals that receive Medicare reimbursement, which comprises most hospitals in the US. How the new federal regulations address such issues as notice of patient rights, grievances and grievance procedures, board involvement and elements of a hospital grievance procedure. As well as how these regulations dramatically change the standard for use of restraints in acute medical and surgical care and for behavior management patients.  The differences between the JCAHO and HCFA restraint standards will be discussed. Other standards address the exercise of patient rights,  involvement in the patient's plan of care, advance directives, right to privacy and safety, and medical record confidentiality, staffing, revising the bill of rights, use of interpreters, neglect, harassment and abuse of patients,  notification of family member or attending doctor on request, and more. In addition to copies of all the slides attendees have access to a comprehensive handout describing each of these patient rights.


Target Audience:                

This program should be viewed by CEO’s , Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Nurse Managers/Supervisors, Compliance Officer, JCAHO Coordinator, Quality Improvement, Consumer Advocates, Risk Managers, Staff Nurses, Clinic managers.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the six new rights and regulations regarding the patient standards.

  2. Discuss in detail personal privacy and personal safety.

  3. Describe the patients’ right to receive a copy of their medical records within 30 days under the CMS patient right standards.

  4. Understand what the rules are regarding restraints.

  5. Discuss how the new CMS restraint standards are different from the JCAHO restraint standards.

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