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Coaching and Mentoring in Healthcare






Length of the Program: 120 minutes 


Course Description:


Mentoring is an effective method to develop healthcare staff and future leaders.  Mentoring is a process for the senior managers or staff to provide guidance and direction to mentees.  In today’s healthcare environment mentoring creates a partnership in which both the mentor and mentee have responsibility to set development goals.  The mentor helps set targets and clears the path for the mentee who must then follow through on the advice and assistance provided by the mentor.


Mentoring helps in the following ways:

  • Sets achievement goals and highlights growth areas for the mentee.

  • Develops healthcare leaders for the future.

  • Transfers values of care and concern for the patient.

  • Exceed JCAHO expectations in Human Resources and Leadership chapters.


Content of the program will include the following:

Mentoring Roles

Teacher – identify teachable moments.

Guide – set goals and paths.

Counselor – provide support.

Role Model – set the tone.


Become a Mentor

Selection – determine who can achieve personal and organizational objectives.

Acquaintance – match mentor and mentee.

Planning – determine timeline, activities and targets.

Development – create teachable moments.

Evaluation – measure mutual success and satisfaction with the mentoring process.


Mentee Fundamentals

Personal assessment – set benchmarks for achievement.

Contract with mentor – establish ground rules for success.

Attitude and action – deal with the reality of everyday work and development activities.


Coaching for a Fully Functioning and Empowered Staff

Mentoring is more than delegating.

Function and task analysis – clarify performance requirements.

Time investment – reserve sufficient time for success.

Easy coaching procedures – techniques to provide immediate results for mentors.


 Target Audience:  senior staff, clinical and non-clinical managers, and executive staff.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop your staff for future demands in a healthcare environment.

  • Understand the prerequisites of empowerment.

  • Maximize your team's effectiveness.

  • Learn coaching and mentoring techniques.

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