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Community Preparedness for Terrorism: Biological Weapons, Lesson One (for Healthcare)




Length of Program:            90 minutes (75 presentation/15 Q&A)


Course Description:

The US has suffered due to the recent use of anthrax as a bioweapon by terrorists.  In this lecture, Dr. Siegelson will discuss the history of biologic weapons and specific information related to the recent attacks.  He will review clinical recognition of the use of bioweapons and treatment recommendations for victims.  In addition, he will review ways in which communities can plan to deal with the needs of victims after a bioweapons attack.


Target Audience: 

Emergency physicians and nurses, pulmonologists, internists, hospitalists, and critical care physicians, ICU nurses, hospital administrators, infection control practitioners, public health physicians and nurses (federal, state, local), members of hospital disaster committees, emergency managers (federal, state, local), hospital security, and homeland security.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:


a)  Understand how and why terrorists and governments choose to use biologic agents as weapons

b)  Understand the difference between chemical and biologic weapons.

c)   Understand how plants, viruses, and bacteria can be used as weapons.

d)   Understand how antibiotics and vaccines can be used to fight bioweapon attacks.

e)  Understand how the community can plan for and respond to a bioweapons attack.

f)   Understand the steps necessary to develop a hospital plan for the recognition, reporting, and identification of a bioweapons attack including syndromic surveillance.

g)  Understand why the US is spending billions of dollars preparing for a potential bioweapons attack.

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