Critiquing a Hospital's Emergency Response to the September 11th Attack:

Lessons Learned about Defending a Hospital Against Terrorism





Length of Program:     90 minutes


Course Description:

The September 11th terrorist attack in New York City and Washington, D.C., impacted every public and private institution in America. Fearing more attacks, emergency response plans in both sectors were implemented and tested in ways unlike any before in our history. Accordingly, healthcare institutions across America initiated emergency response plans and then struggled with unanticipated problems.


Providence Hospital is a 460-bed hospital located in Southfield, Michigan, which includes over 30 ambulatory care facilities located throughout suburban Detroit. This presentation will discuss the Hospital’s emergency response to the attacks and the unique dilemmas confronted by the organization both during the tragedy and in the aftermath. Some of these dilemmas included: Staffing issues created, when the large Canadian nursing workforce employed by Detroit area hospitals, was prevented from entering the country due to the border closures. What to do with the Canadian staff prevented from returning to Canada. Managing 3-4 hour delays for Canadian nurses crossing the border once the border was opened. Dealing with potential civil unrest and the safety of the Detroit area’s 220,000 Arab-Americans. Call for heightened security. Posttraumatic stress experienced by staff, and child care issues.


Target Audience: 

This program is designed for administrators, nurse managers, human resource managers, and emergency response team members and planners.




At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a flexible, team oversight approach to the on going crisis.

  2. Identify unique staffing issues and solutions

  3. Assess the threat and impact of biological, chemical and nuclear attacks on the organization. 

  4. Assess the scope and evaluate the effectiveness of background screening.

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