Finding, Hiring and Keeping Key Healthcare Professionals  





Length of Program: 120 minutes


Course Description:


This program specifically addresses the critical staffing issues in today’s healthcare environment.  Targeting the shortages in nursing and other critical non-physician areas, a broad range of alternatives are offered for H.R. professionals, nursing supervisors, department heads, executive officers and recruiters for recruiting, hiring and retaining key professionals.  The ultimate goal is to increase productivity and patient care while reducing costly turnover.


The content of this program is based on the book, Finding, Hiring, and Keeping Peak Performers, by Harry E. Chambers. Perseus Books, Cambridge, MA 2001


Content for the program will include the following:

  • Finding and recruiting

  • Assess, design and implement new and creative recruiting strategies

  • Expand your recruiting network

  • Identify the frequently overlooked or ignored recruiting tools

  • Create effective internal and external referral programs

  • Use of the electronic and alternative print media

  • Evaluating non-traditional recruiting sources


  • Hiring and interviewing

  • Effective interview preparation

  • The three phases of a quality interview

  • Design effective interview questions

  • Evaluate the realities of incentive programs

  • Creating excitement and commitment in employment candidates


  • Keeping key healthcare professionals

  • Creating the culture of retention

  • Increase management and leadership skills of supervisors and department heads (“Nurses don’t leave hospitals, they leave supervisors.)

  • The intertwined impact of compensation, benefits and incentives

  • Understanding the root causes of job dis-satisfaction


Target Audience:

This program is designed for administrators, CEOs, managers, supervisors, recruiters and human resource personnel who are involved in the recruiting and retention process.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to

  • Reduce the high cost of ineffective recruiting and consistent turnover

  • Assess the key strengths and weaknesses of their current recruiting and retention strategies

  • Increase the effectiveness of their interviewing skills

  • Identify the specific internal changes that are necessary for increased retention

  • Increase the collaboration between human resource professionals, frontline supervisors and department heads


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