Healthcare Leadership Development: Rebuilding Trust, Commitment and Performance




Length of Program: 120 minutes


Course Description:


This program addresses the three primary leadership challenges facing every administrator, CEO, manager, department head and supervisors in all healthcare facilities.

            Implementing effective leadership strategies in times of turbulent             change

            Managing job performance issues and employee accountability

Maintaining and increasing employee morale, attitudes and job    satisfaction


The content of this program is taken from the following books by Harry E. Chambers:

No Fear Management: Rebuilding Trust, Performance and Commitment in the New American Work Place.  St. Lucie/CRC, Delray Beach, FL, 1998

The Bad Attitude Survival Guide: Essential Tools for Managers.  Addison Wesley Longman, Reading, MA 1998

Finding, Hiring and Keeping Peak Performers.  Perseus Books, Cambridge, MA 2001


Content for the program will include the following:


Successfully leading change

  • Identifying and overcoming change resistance

  • Avoiding the predictable change “traps” in healthcare environments

  • Decisive leadership in difficult times

  • Successful organizational change models (best practices)


Impacting individual and departmental performance

  • Strategies for increasing the contribution of current good performers

  • Correcting poor performers

  • Assessment tools for accurately diagnosing performance problems

  • Successfully dealing with insubordination, absenteeism and tardiness problems, procrastination and veteran employees who are skating on thin ice


The realities of motivation and job satisfaction

  • The shift in motivation of today’s healthcare worker

  • The leader’s role in motivating employees

  • The six critical factors of job satisfaction

  • The four basic tenets of increasing employee morale


Target Audience:

All formal and informal leaders in the healthcare environment, including administrators, CEOs, trustees, executives, managers, department heads, supervisors and team leaders.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the predictable factors of change in today’s healthcare environment

  • Diagnose and address the root causes of change resistance

  • Lead others more effectively through the change process

  • Accurately diagnose the specific issues impacting employee performance

  • Identify the appropriate performance corrective actions

  • Prevent and correct the factors contributing to low employee morale in healthcare facilities

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