High Impact Retention Strategies: Creating a Positive Work Environment that Energizes and Engages Your Best and Brightest




Length of program: 90 minutes


Course Description:

In today’s turbulent work environment, strategies for recruiting key personnel are simply not enough.  For an organization to be successful, it must critically evaluate its internal climate and practices for their ability to retain current staff.  Healthcare workers today are increasingly experiencing a sense of disconnect from their organizations, morale is plummeting and employee cynicism and mistrust is growing.  Reversing these trends is critical in the face of growing labor shortages.  Even more important is the need to prevent premature “psychological termination” which occurs when employees remain employed, but emotionally detach from the organization.  This session explores strategies for engaging and energizing the employees who stay.


Target Audience:

·        Nursing Directors

·        Department Directors

·        Human Resource Directors

·        Chief Operating Officers


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

1.         Identify high impact strategies that will increase the retention of staff and strengthen their organizational commitment.

2.         Identify their role in creating a positive work environment, which leads to high retention rates.


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