Hospital Emergency Incident Command System: An Introduction





Length of Program:                   120 minutes (90 content / 30 Q & A)


Course Description:

A standardized approach to managing emergency situations, internal crisis and disasters has never been more necessary. The Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS) is a nationally recognized emergency management system that has been utilized in California for over 10 years. Modeled after the Incident Command System (ICS) that is used by public emergency services agencies, HEICS employs a logical management structure, defined responsibilities, clear reporting channels, and a common language to help unify hospitals with other emergency responders.  Health care providers adopting HEICS as their emergency management system will not only be in compliance with JCAHO standards, they will have a flexible structure to manage a crisis or disaster with an organized division of tasks and a realistic span of control for personnel.


This session will introduce the concepts of HEICS and the benefits of utilizing the system in hospitals.


Target Audience: 

  • Hospital Administrators

  • All ER department staff—department managers, medical directors, nurse managers and physicians

  • Facility disaster managers and planners

  • Safety Coordinators

  • Risk managers

  • Health care attorneys

  • Quality assurance staff

  • Clinic staff and administrators

  • Compliance officers


Content for the program will include the following:

A.                 HEICS:  What it is and what it is not!

B.                 HEICS and regulatory compliance

C.                The HEICS Structure

D.                Implementation of HEICS into the hospital

E.                 The future of HEICS



At the conclusion of this program, Participants will be able to:

1.                  Increased awareness of the impact which disasters have on hospitals and hospital personnel.

2.                  Learn the importance and benefits of the Incident Command System and HEICS.

3.                  Learn the origin and development of HEICS and describe the principal features.

4.                  Understand the HEICS model and its integration into the current hospital organization.



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