Leading the Change Process




Length of the Program: 120 minutes 


Course Description:


Change in healthcare is inevitable.  Today's healthcare manager has to be a leader with a sense of purpose and direction.  Every healthcare organization has already experienced great change and more change will come.  When change occurs, staff may feel as though it is a time of chaos and crisis.  Fear sets in and resistance develops throughout the organization.  This is a time for practical action.  Successful leaders introduce change so that there is greater acceptance of the new direction, purpose or process.  Healthcare leaders have a key role to play in communicating change in a positive light.  Whether change is forced by regulation or legislation, or whether you decide that change is necessary, this program will make a difference immediately.  You will receive practical "how to's" that have been demonstrated to improve employee morale, quality of care and staff performance.


Content of the program will include the following:

Change is a constant.

  •  Crisis and chaos is uncontrolled change.

  •  Change in healthcare is a way of life.

  •  Take advantage of past and future healthcare changes.


Use performance improvement as a guideline for change leadership.

  •  Performance improvement principles and JCAHO’s expectations.

  •  Maximize empowerment as you involve everyone.

  •  Build staff awareness to change.


Measure results.

  •  Use fact-based decision-making.

  •  Create "Customer-focused" change.

  •  Generate internal cooperation and coordination.


Demonstrate leadership commitment for the future.

  •  Align change management within the healthcare organization.

  •  Build a team committed to change.


Target Audience:  senior staff, clinical and non-clinical managers, and executive staff.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Lead their teams through critical changes.

  • Apply practical steps to remove irrational fears of the change process.

  • Recognize and take advantage of positive change opportunities.

  • Recognize and remove irrational fears of the change process.


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