People Management: The Business of the Future, Part 1





Length of Program:


120 minutes


Course Description:


Today’s work forces of genexer and nexter, has different work incentives resulting from the dramatic experiences during the last decade.  Gone is the “Dream Career” and its place is an era that has become known as the “Extreme Career”.


The manager of this new millennium must create a departmental culture that promotes staff satisfaction, maximizes staff productivity and meets patient expectations while managing the transitions of on-going change.  The skill set required for success must focus on an ability to build relationships, develop a “retention” climate and successfully manage the process of on-going change.


Target Audience:


Department heads, Senior Management, Human Resources Personnel


All Organizations:


Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities, Home Health Agencies, Medical Groups, Community Health, and Behavioral Health Organizations.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:


·        Recognize the impact of the changes in the 1990’s decade on today’s

healthcare workforce.


·        Understand which approaches to use with the “nexter” generation to increase their motivation and commitment to the organization.  


·        State the difference between climate and culture and their impact on a manager’s success.


·        Correlate the essential skill sets and core competencies required to meet the job responsibilities for the successful manager of the next decade.


·        Realize the impact job levels have on people’s behavior; the Tops, the Bottoms and The Middles.


·        Understand how four major behavioral/ personality styles might apply to themselves and their staff. 


·        Integrate the concepts of “Life Interest” “Stakeholder” and “Talent” into the concept of “Personality Groups”.


·        Recognize the motivators and stressors for the defined four personality groups.


·        Utilize the information on personality groups and life interests to manage the manager and  staff relationships.



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