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Rural Health Issues, 3-part series

Part 1: Brave New World





Length of Program: 90 minutes


Course Description:

While the consumer is taking a fresh look at health care services, technology has affected our ability to deliver services. The Internet as a tool for hospital management supplies and vendor relationships holds promising cost-saving options for hospitals. Perhaps more importantly, the revolution in genetic research may cause hospitals to re-vamp the services they provide. Pharmaceutical interventions for traditional hospital care are not a possibility, they are a certainty.

How well positioned is the hospital to respond to these changes? The pace of change has accelerated to the point where our capabilities to respond effectively have been diminished. In most cases, we focus on the immediate needs of our patients and institutions while disregarding the prospects for radical changes to our health care delivery system.

This presentation will explore the implications of these issues and consider the prospects for developing effective responses.


Content for the program will include the following:

The business and managerial implications of changes in the environment and how they may affect your hospital.

  • The health care consumer is evaluating your services

  • The Internet has become the tool of choice for mapping out the directions they will take in selecting their health care services.

  • How successfully have hospitals managed to tap this interest on the part of those who use our services?

  • Complementary medicine has emerged as a resource of enormous consequences to the health care consumer.

  • What are the implications of this development?

  • Have physicians and hospitals recognized the tremendous shift evidenced by these new modalities of treatment.


Target Audience:

Rural health facility managers and administrators.



Brave New World is an exploration of the near term future for health care. Some rural hospital leadership believes that the changes discussed-consumerism, Internet and web-based strategies, alternative medicine, biogenetics, telecommunications and the accelerating pace of change will not affect them. I disagree. Further I believe it is possible for the rural hospital to lead in many of the advances. How can this be accomplished and what are their effects?




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