Rural Health Issues, 3-part series

Part 2: When Worlds Collide



Length of Program: 90 minutes


Course Description:


The healthcare environment requires keeping one foot in ice water and the other in boiling water to reach that point where on average, you feel comfortable. When Worlds Collide is an effort to address the problems of satisfying the short-term financial and operational needs of your institution while at the same time recognizing the need to change. The rural hospital is precarious and walks a tightrope just to keep doctors in town, nurses at the bedside, pharmacists from Walgreen’s and board members from practicing medicine. Resources, both human and capital are limited. Innovation is often viewed with suspicion. How does a rural hospital make use of its own resources, tap new ones, prevent Medicare from further eroding its bottom line and reinvent itself all at the same time? How can we guarantee that the objectives we identified for our future are the right ones? What does it take to challenge conventional thinking in a conservative environment? How can the needs of patients, demands of staff, expectations of the Board and requirements of payers be met without taxing the system to its breaking point? How can you, at the same time, transition to a facility that is modern, effective, efficient and financially sound?


Content for the program will include the following:

Using your small size and quick decision-making capability to influence events around you.

  • What do we need to do to remain competitive and meet patient needs?

  • Where do we find the resources to do the things we’ve identified?

  • Managing the resources and making them work.

  • You say you want to give us money?

  • Is the big hospital down the road intent on eating it’s young?

  • Holding your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  • Staying in touch with possibility.

  • Is he frugal or is he cheap?

  • Star Wars defense.

  • Is that a Board or a Plank?

  • Eating to live or living to eat.

  • Finding Nirvana and the advent of GPS.

Target Audience:

Rural health facility managers and administrators.



When Worlds Collide addresses the problem of living in two worlds simultaneously and responding to the needs of both. You have a bottom line that must be met, and yet, you have a future that will require radical differences in current operating procedures. Do you have to destroy the old world to live in the new? How do you manage this transition? Who are your allies and who are your enemies? This presentation will address the questions of resource needs, strategic thinking and goal setting.


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