Sentinel Events 2-Part Series



 Length of Program: Each part is 120 minutes.

Course Description:

This 2-part series will cover information on what a hospital needs to know about the JCAHO’s Sentinel Event Policy and its relationship to the new JCAHO Medical Error Standards. Any facility who does not incorporate the JCAHO Sentinel Event Alerts is a risk for receiving a Type 1 recommendation. Recommendation for complying with the Sentinel Event requirements and implementing the Sentinel Event Alerts will be covered. The four options of whether to report, what constitutes a thorough and credible root cause analysis, the JCAHO matrix, adverse outcomes, Sentinel Event Standards, system analysis, goals, policy and procedure requirements, caps for 2001, time lines for an RCA and action plan, Sentinel Event database, the Patient Safety Management Profile and more.

 Target Audience:

Nurses, risk managers, performance improvement and quality management personnel, ethicist, hospital attorney, director of nurses, nurse managers, physicians, compliance officers, safety officers, and all other involved with direct patient care or involvement on patient safety, medical errors, and sentinel event issues.

 Following completion of this program, participants will be able to:

Describe the definition of what constitutes a Sentinel Event by JCAHO.

Discuss the importance of implementing the recommendations described in the JCAHO Sentinel Event Alerts.

Identify how to obtain copies of the JCAHO Sentinel Event Alerts.

Explain how any hospital that receives Medicare payments must comply with the new CMS Patient Safety Standards.


- October 25, 2001 -

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