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How to Succeed with Your Joint Commission Survey





Length of Program:  120 minutes


Course Description:


This program will present preparation strategies for a successful JCAHO survey within their newest survey style.  It will include tips from the proper greeting of surveyors through document preparation, Individual Centered Care (ICE) tracking, and PI presentations.  The new and revised 2002 standards will be addressed from the standpoint of practical implementation.  High priority areas include expectations for monitoring staffing, patient education assessments, pain management, restraint use within protocols, supervision of residents in training, and delegation of H&P performance to other licensed professionals.


Content for the program will include the following:

  • Analysis of patient/family, medical staff and professional needs for providing complete discharge planning.

  • Techniques for obtaining progressive discharge planning and early physician approval of the plan.

  • Discussion of outside forces physicians face in ordering tests and using resources.

  • Specific strategies will be presented for evaluating what resources should and should not be used.  The mechanisms presented will provide a framework that protects the patient, the physician and the institution.


Target Audience: 

This program is ideally suited to all members of utilization committees.  Specifically, case managers, utilization review coordinators, discharge planners, and physician advisors to utilization review and utilization management programs.


At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Clearly demonstrate their compliance with JCAHO standards within the first 3 hours of their survey.

  2. Define the 2002 expectations for newly introduced standards

  3. Incorporate the 2002 standards expectations with only minimal new effort through modest modification of existing processes for patient care.

- November 15, 2001 -



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