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OSHA Recordkeeping:                     The Revised Standard


Course Description

This training program is designed to instruct trainees in how to comply with OSHA's revised recordkeeping standard.  It will provide trainees with a detailed overview of the changes and compliance requirements. 

Course Goals

Upon successful completion, trainees will demonstrate an understanding of the following: 

  • when the standard takes effect, who is covered by the rule and who is partially exempt
  • employer responsibilities
  • recording criteria for needlesticks and sharps, medical removal, occupational hearing loss, work-related tuberculosis, and musculoskeletal disorders
  • how to determine work-relatedness or recordability including privacy cases and a new case injury or illness
  • the difference between pre-existing injuries/illnesses and significant aggravation
  • general criteria for medical treatment beyond first aid, and
  • how to utilize OSHA forms, 300, 300A, 301


Course Time:   2 Hours


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