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Maureen Carling

Maureen A. Carling, RN SCM, NDN, HV, FET. (England)

  Director/Consultant- Chatsworth Pain and Symptom Management

PO Box 2125

Williamsburg, VA 23187

Phone: 757-220-6640

Fax: 757-220-6640


Born, raised and educated in England, Maureen Carling has more than forty years experience of nursing and teaching. Her career includes:

        Hospice Nurse, Community Nursing Sister, Midwife, Health Visitor (Nurse Practitioner Pediatrics and Public Health), Specialist Health Visitor for Handicapped Children and College Lecturer.

        Served on the Management Committee, which opened the first hospice in the area in the North East of England, member of the Advisory Committee for the Care of the Terminally Ill for that region.

        Author of multiple articles published in medical journals including the Analgesia, International Pharmaceutical Compounding Journal, and the International Myeloma Foundation Journal.

        She established her own consultancy company, Chatsworth Pain and Symptom Management in March 1998.

        Released Pain Management Workshop of  3 audio cassettes or 2CDs and Handbook in March 2000.

Currently presents her Pain and Symptom Management Workshop and Hospice Care nationwide.  


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