Harry E. Chambers

H. E. Chambers and Associates, a division of Trinity Solutions  

Author of:


The Bad Attitude Survival Guide: Essential Tools for Managers.  Reading, MA: Addison Wesley Longman, 1998.  A guide for conquering negativity, improving performance and enhancing productivity.


Effective Communication Skills for Scientific and Technical Professionals.  Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books, 2000.


Finding, Hiring, and Keeping Peak Performers.  Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books, 2001.


Getting Promoted: Real Strategies for Advancing Your Career.  Reading, MA: Perseus Books, 1999.


No Fear Management: Rebuilding Trust, Performance, and Commitment in the New American Workplace.  Co-authored by Dr. Robert Craft.  Delray Beach, FL: CRC/St. Lucie Press, 1998.


Harry brings 30+ years of practical organizational experience to his programs.  His experience ranges from and hourly employee to executive officer in the sale, operations, training and administrative areas.  He is President of Atlanta-based training/consulting company, Trinity Solutions, Inc.


Harry has trained, facilitated and consulted with Boise State University, Radford University, and James Madison University. He has offered training programs on behalf of the Hospital Associations in Georgia, Florida, Connecticut and North Carolina, as well as the School of Nursing at Nicholls State University and Georgia Baptist School of Nursing.  He is a frequent presenter at Inc. Magazine’s Leadership Development Conferences and his work has been featured on the web sites of CNN FN and Business Week Online.  An award-winning author, his books have been translated into six foreign languages.


His articles, excerpts, and direct quotes appear in many publications and journals, including Executive Excellence, Success and Cosmopolitan magazines.  He has been interviewed on NBC’s Today Show and is a frequent guest on radio talk shows discussing “Negativity in the Workplace” and “Dealing with Bad Attitudes” along with a variety of management and leadership issues.


Education: B.S. Degree from Kent State University

Work History: Business Owner, Sales, Administrative and Operations Management, and Corporate Trainer for Business, Government, Healthcare and Non Profit Agencies


Satisfied clients include:

            Astra Merck Pharmaceuticals

            Center for Disease Control and Prevention

            Michigan Health & Hospital Assn.

            Massachusetts Health Information Mgmt. Assn.

            Eli Lilly

            Make-A-Wish Foundation

            Alcon Laboratories


            Teva Pharmaceuticals

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