Ronald Damasauskas

Ronald F. Damasauskas

Illinois Hospital & Health System Association

1151 East Warrenville Road

Naperville, IL 60653

Phone: (630) 505-7777 x377


Mr. Damasauskas is group vice president for Regulatory Affairs and Constituencies at the Illinois Hospital & HealthSystems Association (IHHA). Prior to joining the Illinois Hospital Association (currently the IHHA) in May of 1984, Mr. Damsauskas spent seven and a half years at the American Hospital Association.

Mr. Damasauskas’ responsibilities include membership and policy development, regulation and management of IHHA’s various constituency sections.

His 25 years in the field of hospital associations has enabled him to establish a broad range of interests and expertise. He has published a chapter entitled, “Financing Rural Health Care” in a Praeger Press publication by the same name and has provided a chapter entitled, “The Case for Keeping the Rural Hospital” in the press publication Rural Health Care, Innovation in a Changing Environment. He has spoken frequently to groups interested in health futures, transition, strategic planning and other specific policy related topics.

He is a recipient of the AHA Edmund J. Lanigan Golden Eagle Award for Distinguished Membership Services.

- October 25, 2001 -


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