Mary Gilchrist

Mary Gilchrist, Ph. D

Director of Hygienic Laboratory

University of Iowa Oakdale Campus

Oakdale, Iowa 52319

Phone: (319) 355-4500



In 1991 Dr. Gilchrist was involved with bioterrorism response during the Persian Gulf War, serving as the chief of microbiology for training in the Veterans Administration.  In 1998 she began to work to help the CDC plan for bioterrorism response and is the chief architect of the Laboratory Response Network.  She testified before the subcommittee on public health (Frist & Kennedy) regarding concerns about antibiotic resistance and terrorism.  She directs the University Hygienic Laboratory and is President of the Association of Public Health Laboratories.  She is a genealogist and draws from the history of her ancestry to provide inspiration that we all carry the resilience of our ancestors, the “true grit” that will allow us to persevere through the coming challenges.

- October 25, 2001 -


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