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Sigler and Cetaruk

Lisa A. Sigler, APR

Sigler Communications

1324 S. University Blvd.

Denver, CO 80210

Phone: 303-778-8355

Fax: 303-778-1042


Sigler is a communications professional with more than 17 years experience communication about health issues.  She has conducted the risk communications/public involvement program for dozens of hazardous waste sites throughout the country including a study of off-site health effects on the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility.  Through work in both the healthcare and environmental areas, Sigler has expertise in communication highly complex technical, issues in a manner in which a lay public can understand.  She holds a degree in technical journalism and has run her own communications consulting firm for the past 6 years.


Edward W. Cetaruk, MD

Toxicology Associates

2555 South Downing St., Ste. 260

Phone: 303-765-3800

Fax: 303-765-3804


Dr. Cetaruk is a board certified medical Toxicologist and Emergency Medicine physician.  He attended medical school at N. Y. U. School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine training at University of Massachusetts Medical Center.  He also did his toxicology training at Rocky Mountain Poison Center.  Dr. Cetaruk is in practice as Toxicology Associates, in Denver, Colorado.  He is also a Chemical and Biological weapons instructor for Federal Domestic Preparedness Program.



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