Matt Woody

Matt Woody created ResponSource after twenty-two years of public service with the Des Moines Fire Department. During his tenure Matt was both creator and coordinator of a regional 45-member hazardous materials response team for sixteen years.

Matt has trained hazardous materials responders from all over the Midwest-both public and private sectors. He has personally responded to hundreds of chemical emergencies involving all classes of hazardous substances in almost every conceivable setting.

As an instructor, Matt is certified to teach several hazardous materials training curriculums ranging from National Fire Academy and International Association of Firefighters courses to Federal Emergency Management Agency offerings. He has authored training materials used nationally and is able to offer both existing and customized courses to emergency responders.

Having sat as a participant in many courses and classes over the years he is committed to "raising the bar" on training programs with innovative approaches, tailored instruction and field tested techniques. His experience with chemical facility design, chemical accident and crime investigation, chemical contingency planning and program development help ensure a well-rounded approach to your training needs.

An instructor providing contingency planning guidance to public and private sector emergency planners, Matt is accomplished and recognized for his experience in the development of EPA, FEMA and OSHA required planning documents. His 22 years experience responding to and investigating hundreds of chemical accidents give him a unique insight into the critical elements of required plans and the importance of the entire planning process, from staff involvement, employee training and community integration.

As a past member of the National Fire Protection Association Technical Committee on Hazardous Materials, a certified fire inspector and with experience conducting hundreds of site audits at chemical facilities, Matt is able to provide a wealth of insight and firsthand experience when conducting chemical preparedness and safety audits. 

Most recently, Matt has assisted with the development of a federally-funded course on bioterrorism and completed a study for the Iowa Emergency Management Division regarding the effects of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks on local emergency response infrastructure.  He has served as a counter-terrorism advisor to numerous emergency response organizations and members of the business and industry community.

Matt’s company, ResponSource LLC, recently completed a project that resulted in the training of hundreds of emergency responders from the EMS, fire fighting, law enforcement and health care communities.  He has provided guidance for terrorism risk assessment, protection of critical infrastructure and community preparedness for numerous jurisdictions.

The net result of his assistance in a review of your facility, your practices or processes will be a safer and potentially more productive operation.


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