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Frequently Asked Questions







Q: How does a program registrant participate?

A: Prior to the program, the registrant will receive a confirmation letter that provides the following program information: 

  • title of the program, 
  • time and date of the program
  • telephone number to the audioconference network password 
  • website address and password.

Q: Can participants ask questions during the program?

A: Yes, program participants are encouraged to ask questions of the presenter(s).  Questions may be asked in two ways.  Participants can send questions using the "Ask Question" button that transfers questions electronically over the Internet.  Questions can also be asked at the end of most programs through the audio conference portion of the program.  The presenter usually answers questions during the program or by return e-mail after the program has concluded.

Q: How do you set up a conference room?

A: A conference room requires the following connections and equipment:

  • Telephone connection for the audio conference portion of the program
  • Connection for the Internet portion of the program
  • Speaker telephone or connection to the speaker system in the conference room (Note: when using a  speaker phone, make sure the quality of sound is sufficient for the number of people attending)
  • Laptop or desktop computer with Internet access
  • LCD projector that connects to the computer so that the Internet screens can be projected onto a screen or light colored wall.

Q: How many can attend?

A: Your conference room can be set up to allow as many staff as you wish to attend the program for one connection price.  One participant should be assigned to control the computer and to ask questions from the audience in the conference room.

Q: Do participants need special computer equipment and do they have to download programs in order to participate in a program?

A: No, there is no need for special computer equipment.  Participants use the telephone to join the audio portion and log onto the Internet to view the visual portion of the conference.  To access the Web-based portion of the program, you will need at least a 14.4 Internet connection and a Java A-enabled browser such as Netscape Navigator®, V4.04 or later OR Microsoft Internet Explorer® V4.01 or later.  To check your version, go the "Help" at the top bar of your browser and then click on "about".  If you need a newer version of your browser, these are available at no cost from the Netscape and Microsoft websites.

Q: If you will be using a Mac for the program:

  • You will need a Power PC (earlier Macs won't work) with at least 32 MB of RAM
  •  Netscape 3.0 seems to work, although later versions (4.0 and above) work better
  •  Please start without any other applications running at the same time
  •  A newly rebooted computer is helpful.

Set the browser's memory higher than the default setting by clicking once on the web browser icon, then press command-1 (it looks like a flower) to open the "Get Info" box.  It should say something at the top like "Netscape Communicator Info." Increase the preferred size (in the 3rd box) to at least 10,000 K and preferable 15,000 K or more.

Q: If you will be using an IBM Compatible PC for the program:

  • You will need a 486 DX-66 MHz or faster with at least 32 MB of RAM
  •  Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0
  •  Netscape 3.0 seems to work, although later versions (4.0 and above) work better
  •  Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
  •  You will need to enable both "cookies" and "java script"
  •  We suggest restarting your computer just before joining the conference.

Q: If you will be using a PC connected to AOL...

  • Access the Preferences window by opening the "Members" menu (AOL 3) or "My AOL" menu (AOL 4) and selecting "Preferences."  In that window, select "WWW" to open the "AOL Internet Properties" dialog box.  Select the "Web Graphics" tab and turn OFF the "Use Compressed Graphics" checkbox
  •  If you are using AOL 3, then next select the "Advanced" tab and turn OFF the "Enable Java JIT complier" option near the bottom
  •  If you are using AOL 3, and do not have the "Enable Java JIT complier" option on the "Advanced" tab, then you will need to upgrade your browser to AOL 4.0; After doing all of this, click "OK" in the "AOL Internet Properties" window.  COMPLETELY shut down AOL and then restart it.