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Reducing injuries at a cold-storage warehouse

Workers Comp
Reducing Injuries
Insurance Costs



A cold-storage warehousing firm was experiencing a high number of recordable injuries. Worker's Compensation costs were rising.


Early Intervention was initiated for all injuries. This firm already had transitional duty policies in place, however, the utilization of these policies were not consistently exercised. Thus, OHS conducted a review of the policies and recommendations were made to provide Staff Development and Training aimed at strengthening supervisor understanding and implementation of these policies. First responders were designated and CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens programs were provided. OHS nurses were on-site often and became acquainted with employees. Employees discussed any medical concerns with OHS nurses. Based on OHS's Primary Prevention Plus established protocols, suggestions for further needs were made. Many symptoms were reported in early phases thereby circumventing the development of serious medical conditions.

Worksite assessments were completed. Since this company had developed some strong safety programs, the emphasis was placed on ergonomic principles. The company initially made simple revisions in the storage areas and made long rang plans to replace other equipment that presented ergonomic challenges for equipment with safer designs.


The company initially saw approximately 22 recordable injuries annually. With the help of OHS, they now experience 2-3 annually. Employee moral is up and lost time injuries are negligible. Worker's Compensation costs have reduced considerably.