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First Aid

The objective of this course is to provide comprehensive hands-on First Aid training that meets the instruction criteria set forth by OSHA CPL 2-2.53. Each course is customized to fit the needs of your workplace. Bloodborne Pathogens training is a prerequisite for this course.

The training program contains the following elements:

General program elements

  • Principals of responding to a health emergency
  • Surveying the scene
  • Basic First Aid intervention
  • Universal Precautions
  • First Aid supplies
  • Trainee assessments

Specific program elements

Type of injury training:

  • Confined spaces
  • Shock
  • Bleeding
  • Poisoning
  • Burns
  • Temperature extremes
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Bites and stings
  • Medical emergencies:
    • Heart attack
    • Asthma attack
    • Stroke
    • Diabetes
    • Seizures
    • Pregnancy

Site of injury training:

  • Head and neck
  • Eye
  • Nose
  • Mouth and teeth
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Hand, finger, and foot

Professional instructors follow adult learning principles. Each program includes an interactive format, as well as the use of handouts, visuals, hands-on practice, lecture, and instructor-led discussion. Employee participation and evaluation are documented and cards are presented upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements.