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Sleep Deprivation

Occupational Health Solutions can ensure that your employees are trained to understand the effects of sleep deprivation and/or sleep disorders on workplace safety and productivity.

Sleeplessness, whether the result of a sleep disorder or an overextended lifestyle, introduces an array of potential hazards to the workplace. High-risk employees (those who are especially vulnerable to the dangers of sleep deprivation) include: shift workers, middle-aged men, and employees who travel. This training program will enable employees to recognize the warning signs of sleep deprivation. Trainees will learn to assess their current sleep habits and to make improvements where needed.

Our training programs can be customized to meet your organization's unique needs. Training can be designed to specifically target your high-risk employees.

Upon successful completion of training, trainees will demonstrate an understanding of:

  • The scope of sleep deprivation in the workplace todayf
  • How sleep is defined
  • Signs and symptoms of sleep disorder
  • Effects of sleep deprivation in the workplace, home, and relationships
  • How to develop healthy sleep habits

Professional instructors who follow adult learning principles will teach this course. Each program includes an interactive format, as well as the use of visual aids, lecture, and instructor-led discussion.