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Repetitive Stress

The objective of Repetitive Stress Prevention training is to provide management and supervisory staff with information that will help minimize the occurrence of these injuries in your workplace. Our Repetitive Stress Prevention program can also be presented directly to employees, increasing their awareness of injury prevention techniques.

Repetitive Stress injuries are among of the most frequently reported workplace injuries, and can result any time there is a mismatch between the physical requirements of the job and the physical capacity of the human body. According to OSHA, Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) account for one in four lost-time injuries and illnesses.

The training program contains some or all of the following elements:

  • The role of ergonomics in the prevention of RSIs
  • Providing workers with the proper tools
  • The importance of short breaks in some jobs
  • Varying tasks to break up the routine
  • Providing equipment to assist with lifting
  • Determining proper work surface height
  • Readily available commercial products that are available to help
  • Identifying potential "problem jobs"
  • Review of past workers' compensation claims
  • Problem reporting and management response
  • Effectively involving workers in injury prevention

Professional instructors follow adult learning principles. Each program includes an interactive format, as well as the use of handouts, visuals, hands-on practice, lecture, and instructor-led discussion.