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Safety Training

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Workplace Violence

Occupational Health Solutions can ensure that your employees are trained according to OSHA's Program Management Guidelines on workplace violence prevention. The objective of this course is to provide management and employees with the knowledge necessary to develop and implement an effective workplace violence prevention program.

Our safety training programs can be customized to meet your organization's unique needs. We can individualize program content by incorporating digital photographs of your site, specifically targeting and emphasizing areas of needed improvement.

Upon successful completion of training, trainees will demonstrate an understanding of:

  • The responsibilities of each employee under the organization's workplace violence prevention program
  • The importance of a comprehensive worksite hazard analysis
  • The role of engineering, administrative, and work practice controls in preventing workplace violence
  • The necessity of ongoing evaluation and modification of the organizations' violence prevention program

Professional instructors who follow adult learning principles will teach this course. Each program includes an interactive format, as well as the use of handouts, visual aids, lecture and instructor-led discussion.