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Patrick M. Berry, PhD, Human Factors/Ergonomic Specialist

Dr. Berry has received his Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology. He received his Master's Degree from Emporia State University in the filed of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 

Dr. Berry has expertise in ergonomic assessment, worksite accommodations, corporate training, expert testimony, interpretation of ADA and EEOC regulations and product development research. In addition to this, Dr. Berry has been strongly involved in the education field, teaching both under-graduate level and graduate level courses in Human Factors Psychology. He has served on the committees for Human Factor graduate students, developed grants and research proposals and been actively involved in a number of research projects for entities such as NASA and South Dakota Department of Labor.

Dr. Berry has been a speaker at numerous conferences, participated in various government consulting projects, and maintained a dedication to public service projects as well. Dr. Berry has continued his education through research and maintaining ties to the University. His commitment to bettering the workplace for all concerned is intense.

Dr. Berry regularly provides consultation related to Loss Control, Training & Staff Development, Expert Testimony, Job Analysis, Return to Work Issues, Worksite Evaluation, Human Factors & Industrial Ergonomics, Implementation and Interpretation of ADA and EEOC regulations and Product Development.

Jan Berkhout, Ph.D., Certified Professional Ergonomist

Dr. Berkhout commenced his undergraduate work at the University of Chicago at the age of 16. He completed his graduate work at the University of Vienna, Austria. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in the fields of Physiology and Biopsychology. He has been involved with teaching at the university level since 1973. He is currently acting as the Director of the Heimstra Human Factors Laboratory. He has directed a number of research projects that have proven instrumental in the fields of safety and human factors engineering. 
Dr. Berkhout has published articles for the Personnel Journal, Journal of Safety Research, Human Factors and the Journal of Applied Psychology. In addition, he has authored numerous technical reports for such entities as the Office of Naval Research UCLA, California Highway Patrol, Human Factors Laboratory University of South Dakota, Naval Air Development Center, NASA and the U.S. Army Human Engineering Laboratory.

Dr. Berkhout has participated in a broad spectrum of professional meetings including the Aerospace Medical Association, US Department of Transportation, US Army Institute of Environmental Medicine, Human Factors Society, US Army Research Institute, US Transportation Research Board, South Dakota Social Science Association, Ohio State University Symposiums, Psychonomics Society and the Acoustic Society of America.

Dr. Berkhout regularly provides consultation related to Ergonomic Principles in the Workplace, Physical Workplace Stressors, Ergonomic Research, Ergonomic Program Design, Worksite Modification and Human Factors Engineering.