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Staff Development and Training

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Occupational Health Solutions helps your staff reduce occupational health problems in the workplace, resulting in better overall company morale and a safer, healthier workplace.

Our consultants initially meet with management to:

  • Determine areas where staff experience or expertise may be lacking
  • Identify appropriate occupational health training that will reduce the probability of an on-site injury occurring in the first place
  • Consult with management to determine if existing staff is adequate or if consideration should be given to expanding staff to meet your current occupational health needs
  • Assist in hiring new personnel including employee prospect interviews and verification of employee qualifications

The consultation may include most, if not all of the following:

  • Conduct a thorough review of all written policies and procedures that affect workplace occupational health issues
  • Assist with the rewriting of established policies to update them and assure that critical issues have not been overlooked
  • Assist with the writing of policies appropriate to your business that may not yet be in place
  • Review written job descriptions to determine if they are up-to-date and assist in writing new or missing position descriptions
  • Teach your HR staff to:
    • Compare current workers' compensation insurance coverage to your business needs, including review of the appropriateness of individual employee job classifications
    • Analyze claims in an effort to prevent specific types of claims from recurring
    • Conduct their own periodic on-site reviews of your workplace environment
    • Develop a "scorecard" for measuring the success of your in-house occupational health programs