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In conjunction with our vocational rehabilitation consulting, we offer specialized job placement services designed to meet the needs of injured employees. We provide candidates with the strategies, tools and job leads that will ensure employment opportunities for injured workers. Our job search criteria meet the guidelines established during vocational case management.

We are also an excellent resource for employers that are seeking qualified employees.

During the job placement process we work one-on-one with the employee to formulate a plan of action based on specific goals and objectives for each week. Throughout this phase you can expect our consultants to keep you informed on a regular basis of our progress.

We have experienced an 85% placement success rate due largely in part to our familiarity with various industry requirements and their workforce needs.

Our consultation will include most if not all of the following:

  • Definition of the roles and responsibilities of our Placement Specialist
    • Design a plan of action
    • Establish a written contract with the injured worker
  • Definition of the roles and responsibilities of the placement client/injured worker:
    • Fully participate in job seeking activities
    • Maintain regular contact with the Placement Specialist
    • Discuss the job search process and provide suggestions and feedback
  • Conduct regularly scheduled meetings with the placement client to assure the placement process is on track
  • Provide job-seeking skills training
  • Provide positive job leads
  • Interview and conduct self-assessment testing of the placement client to determine interests and skills
  • Assist in the preparation and writing of resumes and cover letters
  • Provide training for filling out job applications
  • Educate the placement client about how to properly prepare for a job interview including specifics about how to deal with a previous injury.