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Safety Training



Safety Training

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Asbestos Awareness

The objective of Asbestos Awareness training is to train employees who are exposed to airborne concentrations of asbestos at or above OSHA's action level and/or excursion limit. This course can also specifically target employees who perform housekeeping operations in an area, which contains ACM (asbestos containing material) or PACM (presumed asbestos containing material). This training program is designed to satisfy, in whole or in part, the requirements of OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1001(j)(7).

Upon successful completion, trainees will demonstrate an understanding of:

  • The hazards of asbestos, including health effects of exposure
  • Methods of entry of asbestos into the body
  • The relationship between smoking and asbestos exposure
  • Information on self-help smoking cessation programs
  • The Permissible Exposure Limit for asbestos, and methods of monitoring
  • The location of any asbestos-containing material in the employee's work area
  • Requirements for posting signs and affixing labels, and the meanings of such signs and labels
  • Engineering controls and work practices
  • Emergency and clean-up procedures
  • Respirators and protective clothing
  • Hygiene practices and housekeeping procedures
  • Required elements for a medical surveillance program
  • Reference materials for asbestos, including a complete copy of the OSHA standard and appendices

Other regulations with similar training/information provisions: